As he walked toward me this young man with his neatly combed hair and best button down collar shirt adjusted his tie. I am sure was tied earlier in the morning by his Dad who I am also sure wonders when his kid will learn the art of the Windsor Knot.

As he got closer to me I said, “This is a really big day for all of you Graduation Photo Day”, and as is the usual with most children in Grade Eight he looked at me and wondered why I was speaking to him. He grunted Ya!

I continued to say “You know you will only look at the photograph when the photos come in and again maybe when you get older.

He turned with a puzzled look wondering why I was speaking and what I meant by the last comment. I told him that when he is older he will look at the image and say “Oh! that is what I looked like with hair.”

He turned and walked away still wondering what I meant. He will understand it someday. Maybe when he can tie his tie and his son’s tie.

I have those photos from my Grade 8 graduation, and often look at them and say “Oh is that what I looked like with hair?”