I was there and I saw it! They were playing store and little Tim was working the cash register when littler Avery punched Tim five times on the hand. Little Tim squawked out to his teacher that Avery had punched him.

When questioned Avery denied his involvement in the alleged assault. That is when I had to intervene and say that I witnessed the violence.  Avery continued to deny that he had been involved, which didn’t work in his favour as he was banished to the ‘thinking chair’. A kind of Australia far away from the action in the class.

To help you understand a little bit more I have to give you this insight: Little Tim is usually not the victim, but the instigator. Littler Avery is the crier and always seems to be the victim, sometimes by design I believe.

After the Judge and Jury had brought justice to the classroom once again, I proceeded to my assigned job.

The next day I spoke to the teacher about what had happened and she informed me that a little while after I left the classroom Little Tim walked by Avery ( who was banished and still sitting on the thinking chair)  crossed his arms theatrically on his chest and said: “I see you haven’t been making very good choices today Avery!”

Words that Tim has heard on several occasions in his short educational life and I’m sure will probably hear before the day is out.

Good Choices or Bad Choices you choose…………