Moving to a new school has many challenges that must be overcome. If you are replacing a staff member who was well-respected for the job they did your focus is to be as good, if not better.

You have to prove your worth to everyone including staff, students, parents etc. This is something everyone has or will experience if they work in a job where change is constant.

I moved from a smaller country school to a large urban school; what a culture shock.

One day while in the office I made the mistake of trying to pronounce a student’s name and the Secretary laughed me out of the office. She had worked there for several years and knew every child’s name.

I looked at her and said, “I come from a white on white school!”.

Bob, Bill, Mike, John, Sally, Karen, Cathy, you get it.

I can’t remember the child’s name that got me expelled from the office, but that doesn’t really matter now.

I bet the staff at my old school might have a problem pronouncing the names of some of the children at my new school. I am proud to say I can!

Said, Daibik, Farukh, Himani, Zarghonja, Rojya, Soroush, Hatixhe, and my all

time favorite: Shithead! pronounced (Sha theed) really!

So what is in a name any way……My View From The Shallow End…..