There are some interesting characters in the school I work at. I use the term character to be nice you might have other names for these individuals like. Ah, I won’t go there.

One of these individuals was asked by a rather large intimidating male teacher to come out to the hallway to discuss something that happened in the schoolyard at recess.

The teacher assured the child who is in Grade One that he was not in trouble. The child said that he would not go out in the hall to talk about the incident. Again the teacher said that the little boy was not the one in trouble and the child said again that he was not interested in carrying on the conversation in the hall.

Getting a little frustrated the teacher insisted that the child go out into the hall and he gave this ultimatum….

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way!” was the response from the teacher.

And to this response came a confident “Let’s do it the hard way.”

Say What…? That’s a firm No! to ultimatums…..